About Us

Professional audio
is essential in today’s complex building projects. The integrated Voice Evacuation and Public Address System is not a new technology in the market place. Requirements are dated from before 1990. In April 2011 a new standard will dominate, dictating manufacturers how to engineer their technology under the EN 54. As leading company in the Voice-Alarm market, ATEÏS well prepared the transition for their electronics and loudspeakers to secure our market position and take it into the next decade.

With over 10 branch offices and more than 40 representatives around the globe, ATEÏS may call itself a multinational in development and manufacturing of electronic solutions for the Voice-Alarm, Commercial Audio, Communication and Conferencing markets.

With 30 years of experience in development and manufacturing, ATEÏS holds factories in Europe and Asia where we lead a team of more than 40 dedicated highly qualified engineers who are working solely on state of the art technology.

For us, the test is to be seen as the best in our business by all; our customers, employees and suppliers. That’s why we are constantly on the outlook for ways to strengthen our organisation, expand our portfolio and our geographical presence. All to provide better service and support.

True integration of the Voice Evacuation, Public Address and Background Music systems with Professional Audio using modern IP-networking or dedicated services with extreme low latency, built for live-on-stage usages. Many applications such as Shopping Malls, Hotel and Restaurants require these fast and high fidelity Integrated systems – resulting in simplicity, increased security and durability.

The ATEÏS Digital Signal Processing technology carries up to 48 audio channels over a redundant structured Network, securing all demanding requirements for high-end Voice Evacuation and commercial pro-sound, delivering breathtaking Professional Audio capabilities which comply with current international safety standards ..