ATEÏS has introduced the Diva8M module enabling both PA and voice alarm systems to EN 60849/BS 5839 compliance in small to medium sized installations.

ATEÏS has introduced the Diva8M module enabling both PA and voice alarm systems to EN 60849/BS 5839 compliance in small to medium sized installations. The module incorporates DSP, a matrix, a digital message player, a fully monitored fireman microphone, together with amplifier monitoring allowing a switch to a backup amplifier. It can process and route a security microphone console or up to eight cascaded PSM paging microphones and comes with two audio inputs for music and voice channels. Each input is fitted with volume controls and equalizers and feature contact and VOX activation. Up to sixteen digital messages can be downloaded and recorded as WAV files directly from a computer into Diva8M, for which two messages can be played simultaneously in different zones. One of these messages can be used as a chime for the PSS microphone. Each Diva module has eight output zones with a+b wiring. The music signal can be switched on/off in each zone separately and during an evacuation, the music channel can be used as a second alarm channel. The Diva system requires only one two-channel amplifier, for which each channel can handle up to 500W power (100V). The fireman microphone signal and three digital messages can be operated from the front panel into the selected zones, for which the audio level and (on/off) music in each zone can also be configured. In case of evacuation, the zones attenuators are automatically bypassed and all the Diva components and peripherals are constantly monitored without music interruption. All incidents are recorded into a data file which can be consulted on the Diva display or on a PC, for which a built-in monitor allows selective listening to all the sources and the system’s output signals. Diva set up is performed on a PC using the PCDiva configuration software, for which access can be password-protected.

Designed specifically to provide clear audio in teleconferencing applications the Ateïs ECS-Teleconference- unit is a digital signal processor featuring dynamic Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC) based on the manufacturers’ own wideband acoustic echo cancellation algorithm. Capable of delivering 20Hz to 22kHz bandwidth during multiple participant conversations, the new unit allows duplex transmission of speech with no latency, including doubletalk. Driven by the ATEÏSNET graphical user interface, the ECS integrates a compressor-limiter and equaliser, in addition to matrix and delay functions. Features such as automatic gain control, a feedback killer, meters, generators and automatic microphone mixers come as part of the ECS DSP component library. Installers can select the required audio processing feature and apply it to the various inputs and outputs from a library on a PC, using software provided with the ECS. The internal system design is accessed via PC software, which can be controlled via dedicated software screens, RS-232 control systems and a variety of optional remote controls. Multi-unit ECS systems can be created using Ethernet, Ateïs NetLink and Fibre-NetLink. Telephone interface capabilities include the initiation of outgoing calls detection and answering of incoming calls. ECS features up to 16 wide-band AEC software modules and up to 24 configurable balanced inputs or outputs, a telephone inter face with line and set connections, an Ethernet port for software configuration and control, a serial port for third party RS-232 remote control and a remote control bus for dedicated control. Ateïs NetLink and Fibre-NetLink provide 48-channels broadband audio distribution, linking up to 32 units in a dedicated network creating a through 768 channels audio-conferencing system.

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