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Ateïs has introduced Messenger G2, which is its next generation range of steerable line-arrays.

Ateïs has introduced Messenger G2, which is its next generation range of steerable line-arrays. Voice-alarm and audio processors are equipped with remote control facilities by LAN or WAN and has a variety of networking and control cards. The input section has been upgraded to broadcast standards and has two fully controllable audio inputs and outputs with override functions and a hardware bypass function. Features include two audio inputs and outputs, fault and input contacts, networking (TCP/IP), Datalink (RS485), an M-Net interface and an Ateïs -Net convertor. Software controlled Lobe Shaping comes with the Messenger’s Lobe Assembly program. The acoustical centre can be moved over the array to match and compensate in relation to the required installation, mounting height and environmental need. Each driver is separately powered and processed, and so all of the lobe shape variations between a Symmetrical and an Asymmetrical arrangement can be made with the push of a button. There are currently five models in the Messenger G2 series – M (incorporating 12 speakers, measuring 1345mm in height, with a sensitivity of 94dB covering up to 25m distance), L (18 speakers, 2017mm height, 30m range), XL (24 speakers, 2689mm height, 40m range), TwoL (36 speakers, 4034mm height, 60m) and TwoXL (48 speakers, 5378mm height, 70m range).


Bypassing the need for a PC, the Ateïs VNB Media-streamer provides low cost and low power audio distribution and communication using LAN or WAN for point to point or point to multi-point audio and data gateways. Each VNB provides two audio input and output channels using fast Speex-encoding or high quality MP3-encoding, for low latency and high audio quality for voice messages and MP3 BGM. In smaller systems, VNB’s can be shared with third-party TCP/IP applications without the need for a dedicated network, but for bigger installations, a dedicated TCP/IP network or VLAN may be preferable. The compact unit was primarily designed for streaming BGM in hotels, factories and schools and as a paging-link within an IP PA system. The VNB can also be used as an in-house shopping mall audio distribution system or in custom built intercom applications.


Designed for commercial applications, the UAPg2 is a DSP audio matrix for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing applications. Via the RS485 Ethernet port, it can connect and control the UAPg2 through an IP network or direct from a PC. The UAPg2 is made up of a preamplifier, compressor-limiter and equaliser, in addition to matrix and delay functions. Automatic gain control, feedback killers, automatic microphone mixers, crossovers and automatic noise sensing are all incorporated within the UAPg2 DSP’s component library. Internal processing of audio signals can be fully custom programmed to suit any application, for which the installers can select the audio processing feature that they wish to apply to the various inputs and outputs from a library on their PC with the UAPg2 software provided. Up to 12 units can be stacked to create a 96 x 96 matrix, while the integrated scheduler can control up to 100 events


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