Compact PAVA System - Master Unit - EN54-16

DIVA8MG2 responds to public address requirements and Voice Alarm for small to medium installations.

The DIVA8M Master unit houses: audio digital signal processing (DSP), a matrix, a digital message player, a fully monitored fireman microphone, amplifiers monitoring with switchover to backup amplifier and loudspeaker lines monitoring. It can process and route one PSSG2 security microphone console or up to eight cascaded PSM paging microphones and two 0 dB audio inputs, plus one Mic/Line input, into 2 different channels (Music + Voice). Each input is fitted with volume controls and equalizers. All audio inputs feature contact and VOX activation (ideal when using the cordless microphone, for example).


Up to 45 minutes of digital messages can be downloaded and recorded as WAV files directly from a computer into DIVA8MG2 Master Unit. Two messages can be played simultaneously in different zones. One of the messages can be used as a chime for the PSS paging console. Nine monitored alarm inputs making it possible to obtain the pre-programmed routings.

Each DIVA8MG2 Master unit and DIVA8SG2 Slave unit has eight output zones with a+b wiring. Each zone can be routed manually or automatically to one of the system’s audio channels (Music and Voice). The number of zones can be extended up to 128 zones with DIVA8SG2 Slave unit. The two Music channels can be switched ON/OFF in each zone separately. In case of Evacuation, the Music channel can be used as a second alarm channel.

A DIVA8 system requires only one 2 channel amplifier (one for Music, one for Voice). The Music amplifier will act as a backup amplifier in case of a Voice amplifier failure. Each channel can handle up to 125 W of audio power (100 V).

From the front panels, the user can manually route the fireman microphone signal and three digital messages into the selected zones, adjust the audio level and switch (ON/OFF) the music in each zone separately. In case of evacuation, the zones attenuators are automatically bypassed. One output contact per zone (eight per unit) can be activated each time the zone is occupied with a source having a higher priority than the music (Alarm or microphone paging…)

All DIVA components and peripherals are constantly monitored (without music interruption). All incidents are recorded into a data file which can be consulted on the DIVA8M Master unit display or on a PC. Also any detected faults and alarm status are signaled by general fault and alarm output contacts. A local loudspeaker enables selective listening to all the sources and the system’s output signals.

The setup of a DIVA8 System is realized through a PC computer and the DIVA8 System configuration software (Windows compatible). Access can be password-protected.
The routing and the level of the music sources can be controlled directly from the PSS microphone.
All these features make DIVA8 System the ideal solution for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, museums and many other public places. 
  • 5 audio inputs (2 x line, 1x MIC/ line, 1 x PSS or PSM, 1 Fire Mic.).
  • Integrated and monitored Fireman microphone.
  • Monitoring of 8 Loudspeaker zones (a+b).
  • Full monitoring of PSS and PSM paging consoles.
  • 1000 W max power on each amplifier.
  • Digital message player up to 45 min.
  • Low and high pass filtering on inputs.
  • Parametric equalization: 3 bands on inputs,
  • 7 bands on the two outputs channels.
  • 8 logic input contacts.
  • 21 priority levels.
  • 4 user levels.
  • 9 alarm evacuation input contacts (with surveillance).
  • 8 output relay contacts.
  • Possibilities to export the event log.
  • Incident data record with up to 2047 incidents.
  • fault relay contact output.

Connections with DIVA8M