Charger and monitoring unit - EN 54-4
SONAES 6/40A - SONAES 12/150 A

The SONEAS series of battery chargers (24 Vdc) are intended for a Voice Alarm System. The battery chargers are microprocessor based devices that have been designed to charge lead-acid batteries (backup batteries connected to the Voice Alarm System) and, simultaneously, to provide power to auxiliary devices such as the DIVA8 and IDA8 system controllers.
The SONEAS battery chargers, which are fully compliant with EN54-4, offers a maximum charge current of 6 or 12 A.
The battery charger is two rack units high, and has to be installed in a 19” rack. Maximum battery capacity: 225 AH.
For the DIVA8: SONAES 6/40 - 112AH
For the IDA8: SONAES 12/150 - 225AH
The SONAES is equipped with heavy duty power connectors and an main battery entry for extra safety during installation. All outputs are electronically fused (20 A).
Beside a charger for a 112 or 225 AH 24 VDC battery, the SONAES is also equipped with a separate 120 Watt 24 VDC power supply that acts as auxilairy output for the individual DIVA or IDA mainframes in case of an internal power supply failure. In case of a mains failure, the amplifiers are forced into sleep-mode and will continue with loudspeaker line surveillance, drawing only a fractional curent from the batteries.
In case of an EVAC, the amplifiers will be forced alive for duty using the battery- back-up supply. (Commercial use still disabled). This way the batteries are secured for emergency applications with a maximum availability for the amplifiers.
• 2U-rackmount charger
• 3 Auxiliary outputs, max. 5 Amp combined load
• 2 Main outputs, max. 40 Amp combined load
• Battery capacity: 85 AH to 225 AH
SONAES 12/150
• 2U-rack-frame charger
• 3 Auxilairy outputs, max. 5 Amp combined load
• 6 Main outputs, max. 20A mp/ch
• Battery capacity: 85 AH to 225 AH
Electrical - Mains power supply
Voltage 115 or 230 VAC ±15%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 380 W at Full load
Battery power supply
Voltage 24 VDC
Maximum charging current
Soneas 6/40 6 Amp
Soneas 12/150 12 Amp
Main for amplifiers
Soneas 6/40 2 x 20 A
Soneas 12/150 6 x 40 A
Auxiallairy for controllers 3 x
Maximum current 5 Amp
Batteries 4x 12 VDC, 85 to 225AH
Yuasa NPL series
Powersonic GB series
ABT TM series
Enersys VE series
Effekta BTL series
Long GB series
Dimensions (H x W X D)
19” rack use,
with brackets 44 x 483 x 310 mm
SONEAS 6/40 4.9 kg (10.8 lb)
SONEAS 12/150 6 kg (13 lb)
Mounting 19”-rackmount
Colour RAL7016
Operating temperature -5 ºC to +45 ºC
Storage temperature -25 ºC to +85 ºC
Relative humidity 20% to 95%
Air pressure 600 to 1100 h Pa