VELOX 4200 4400 4800
Intelligent fire Alarm Control Panels
The VELOX 4000 series of fire alarm control panels are fully expandable from 1 to 8 loops via common plug in loop driver boards.
Each loop supports 240 devices with in-built isolators and can be extended to 6 km depending on load and loop length calculations.
Up to 200 fire alarm control panels can be connected on a two-core copper network extendable up to 20 km. The distance between two panels can be stretched to 2 km.
Fire alarm control panels on a loop improve the reliability in reporting fire conditions by cross verifying the readings of other panels before confirmation of a fire threat.
The panels support comprehensive ‘cause and effect’ programming along with ‘Dynamix’ zoning to preset action plans for a wide range of emergency situations.
Programming can be done via an on-board alphanumeric keypad or PC configuration tools.
The panels can be attached with a mimic panel for easy identification of zones and corresponding detectors.
VELOX 4000 INT is ideal for medium-, and large-scale installations in properties ranging from but not limited to commercial and residentialspaces such as hotels, malls, and apartments; infrastructure developments such as airports and railway stations; and specialpurpose buildings such as schools and places of worship.
  • Compliant with EN54 parts 2 & 4
  • Soft and Safe Addressing features
  • Multiple language support
  • ATEIS Variable Time Communication (VTC) protocol
  • 5 year standard warranty
  • Protocol: ATEIS Variable Time Communication
  • Standards: BS EN54-2, BS EN54-4
  • Display: Backlit 240 x 64 graphical LCD
  • Number of Fire Zones: 1000 'Dynamix'
  • Networking: Optional plug in network card
  • Programming: Via on-board keypad or PC running Windows tools

VELOX 4000 INT is a series of analogue addressable fire alarm control panels that function as control and indicating equipment for a range of fire detection and alarm devices. The fire alarm control panel is the central device in a life safety system involving fire detection, encompassing additional control panels, repeater panels, mimic panels, remote control and display terminals, manual call points, smoke and heat detectors, sounders, beacons, and relays.

The 4000 INT series is available in two models—4200 INT and 4400 INT—with provi -sions for 2 and 4 loops, respectively. The fire alarm control panels are integrated seamlessly with ATEIS mass notification and emergency communication systems to house all corresponding control and monitoring equipment within a single enclosure. The integrated paging microphone console allows audio routing, call paging, message broadcasting, and control of digital signal processing parameters via a user-friendly interface. The integrated fire telephone handset enables secure, full duplex emergency voice communication with outstation handsets on a fire telephone network. The emergency voice communication system (EVCS) provides assistance to fire fighters during emergencies in high-rise buildings, particularly in situation were radio communication may get disrupted.