DPA 120
D-Class Amplifier, modular
DPA 120
The DPA-series of D-Class amplifiers are thoroughly modular. Individually equipped with an AC/DC supply and industrial cases for higher immunity, these modules are design for industrial purposes and made for fast replacements. The DPA-series of D-Class amplifier are ready to be housed in a quick-snap 4U, 8-slot position 19-ich rack-frame.
The DPA series of amplifier modules comes in two versions: 120 and 240 Watt. Due to its design, 8 units can be put in a special 4U/19“ rack frame the RKDPA. In the front of each module, LED indicators are showing the following status:
- Power (AC/DC)
- Signal
- Fault  
Gain adjustment and power-switch are positioned at the rear of each amplifier module and meant for final adjustment during commissioning. The D-Class design amplifier is equipped with a self-regulating ventilator with variable speed control to reduce power consumption.
•       Nominal AC input voltage: 115 or 230, 50/60 Hz internally selectable
•       Nominal DC input voltage: 24 V
•       DC input voltage range: 21-28 V
•       Idle power consumption on AC: 33 W
•       Idle power consumption on DC: 2 W
•       Power consumption, standby (AC): 57 W
•       Power consumption, Max (AC): 230 W
•       Continuous nominal output power: 120 W
•       Overall efficiency (DC): 70%
•       Frequency response (-3 dB): 30  - 20 KHz
•       THD nominal power -3 dB @1 kHz 22 Hz – 22 kHz: 0,5%
•       Output: 100 V
•       Mains AC input socket: IEC-3
•       DC input socket: PHOENIX PC 6-16/2-G1-10, 16
•       Audio input socket: 3 pin PHOENIX 3.81 mm
•       Size: L55 x H 178 x D 400 mm
•       Net Weight: 3 Kg
•       Color: Ral 7016