PCL Series
Round Metal Ceiling Speakers


The PCL range of ceiling loudspeakers are manufactured in high grade white ABS plastic compound, UL, VO yellow card approved, with aluminium, epoxy powder coated grille. This Combination of materials offers a cost effective alternative to our RCS range, whilst still maintaining its stylish design but with the added benefit of being weather resistant.
Supplied with a dual cone drive unit, giving a wider frequency fange than the standard single cone, making the PCL range more suitable for use in applications where background music is a primary requirement.
Manufactured and tested to a high standard in accordance with BS6840, these units can be treated for use in damp humid environments or facilities where the units need to be frequently wiped clean.


  • IP-Rating: 21
  • Max/Min Amb Temp: 55°/-10°C
  • Relative Humidity: ≤95%
  • Dimensions, mm: Height 80, Ø234
  • Net Weight, Kgs: 0.9
  • Colour (Unless Specified): RAL9016
  • Material: Plastic Baffle ABS with UV inhibitors,
  • Metal driver chassis & grille
  • Mounting: Rotary compression clamps
  • Cut-out, mm: Ø194


  • Rated power, Watts: 6
  • Tappings 100 volt line, Watts: 6/3/1.5/0.75/0.25
  • Transformer Impedance, Ohms, 100V: 1.67k/3.33k/6.66k/13.3k/39.9k
  • Tappings 70.7 volt line, Watts: 3/1.5/0.75/0.375/0.125
  • Driver impedance, Ohms: 8
  • Effective frequency range, Hz (BSEN60268-5): 85-18.5K
  • S.P.L. @ 1m, 1 watt, dB, Test Signal Bandwidth 100 Hz-10 kHz: 92
  • S.P.L. @ Full power Octave Bandwidth, dB: 90
  • Dispersion at 1kHz/2kHz, Degrees: 180/120
  • Directivity Axial Q factor, 1kHz/2kHz: 2.1/4.9