SPA 2060
2 x 60 Watt AB-Class amplifier
SPA 2060
The SPA (Security Power Amplifier) is primary designed for integration into Voice Alarm systems, but thanks to its flexibility, it can also be used for any Commercial application.
The SPA amplifiers were specifically developed to meet the requirements of EN 60849 for safety installations. Each amplifier module is fitted with its own 220 VAC/24 VDC power supply for increased system reliability.
To avoid handling errors, the volume output is set using the potentiometer located at the rear of the amplifier. Further to standard protection via fuses, SPA amplifiers also have electronic and thermal protection to protect them from potential hazards.
A ventilator provides forced cooling for the final power shelves and internal parts of the amplifier. It starts up automatically when the heat shunt reaches a certain temperature threshold, and stops when the temperature returns to normal values. Four LEDs display the status of each amplifier: AC or DC power supply, Line Overload and Temperature overload. Furthermore, a three LEDs Vu-Meter indicates the presence and level of audio signal.
A surveillance circuitry is continuously monitoring the temperature and the presence of AC and DC power supplies for both amplifiers. In case of a problem, the overload LEDs will be switched ON and the Fault relay will be activated.
The channels can be bridged together in order to create a single channel amplifier with twice the power.
•       Energy supply: 220 V-24 V
•       Output power: 2 x 120 W
•       Output voltage: 8 Ω, 70 & 100 V
•       Power indicatie 24 V and 230 V: Yes
•       Frequency respond: 60 -18000 Hz
•       Distortion:  < 1%
•       Output: 4-8 Ω  70-100 V
•       Fault contact(s): yes
•       Signal indication: Yes