Unidirectional Condenser Microphone - For UAPG2 & LAP


Compatible with UAP and LAP's system units, PPM WJB  uses a RS485 protocol over a single CAT5 cable connection, to transport both Audio and Power from the PPM WJB and  to the system units.

comprises of 8 zones / 8 buttons with sleek condenser gooseneck microphone, and spring metal protection, providing durability and excellent aesthetics as well as allowing up to 256 zones expansion via the additional Keypad easy extension station. The buttons can represent a single zone or a group of zones and are easily defined via the GUI of the system units using a simple Matrix selection.
The unit offers “Hold” and “Busy” LED signals in addition to the zone LED’s, and these allow the easy identification of selection / Busy signals for the user.

All buttons can be programmed with drag & drop features from the System unit GUI software and each button can be programmed for Push To Talk or Latch functionality. The unidirectional condenser microphone warrants high quality directive signal pick up from the user and hence less interference from the surroundings thanks to the cardioids polar pick-up pattern.

The RS485 communication protocol offers daisy chaining of up to 900 m on a CAT5 cable, and yet makes outlets easy to connect via standard RJ45 connectors. (The microphone compatibility listing shows the maximum number of units per System).


Compatible with UAP and LAPAS's system units, PPM WJB-SP includes a speak forward storage.

Main Features: - 8 paging programmable keys with status and 1 All call button

  • 8 paging programmable keys with status and 1 All call button
  • Base dimensions (HxWxD): 200 x 107 x 345 mm
  • Weight: Approx.0.55 kg
  • Color: Ral 7035
  • Goose-neck length with mic.: 300 mm
  • Cable length: 900 m
  • Comes standard with Junction box (JB) and CAT5 cable (1.5 m).
  • PPM Keypad G2 optional Expansion keypad for an additional 8 selection zones