Paging Station-EN54-16 for DIVA8 System

These call stations can have either a dedicated and secured audio and communication link or a non-secured but flexible TCP/IP communication link.  

The PSS-AS paging console is a man-machine interface which allows call-paging, messages broadcasting and DSP matrix parameter control. The PSS-AS units connect to a secured bus. Its back-lit touch screen is designed for simple and user-friendly operating. The 3-hardware-keys can be freely assigned within the System control software. Various operating levels with password protection make the PSS-AS a versatile device that fits well in a commercial shopping center as for an industrial high security environment.

All paging parameters needed for site operating can be programmed: zones assigned to the different buttons, name of zones, group of zones, messages triggering, levels adjustments and pre-call chime but also for fader control, button control or event control. The message and the chime are stored into the PSS-AS.

A total of 168 keys over 12 pages allow zone or group of zones selections. Each key contains a green color changing field indicating that the zone is occupied by a different process.

• 5” TFT full color touch-screen
• 3 LED indicators: Power/General Fault/Evacuation active  
• 3 key-buttons:  User definable using ATEIS Studio GUI
• 168 Touch fields: 14 pages with 12 keys, for PSS-G2 & PSS-G2E
• 16 Touch fields for PSS-G2/16
• Console size: (L x W x D) 250 x 140 x 80 mm
• Microphone flex length: 280 mm
• Weight: 1098 g - Color: RAL 7016
• Front tilted at 30°
• Material: metal back, PVC top and sides

The PSS-AS comes in two versions:

PSS-AS, 168 zones security paging station with dedicated MODBUS link for IDA8 System.
4 pcs per IDA8C unit & 2 pcs per IDA8S unit.
• PSS-ASE, 168 zones NON-Security paging console with ETHERNET link for remote paging over TCP/IP for IDA8 System.
Max. 8 pcs over TCP/IP;

PSS-AS with IDA8

PSSG2 with IDA8

PSS-G2 with IDA4