MPA 120
120 Watt AB Class Mixing Amplifier
MPA 120
The MPA line of 5-channels AB-Class mixer amplifies are designed for use in permanent commercial sound installations. Versatile models are conservatively rated at 60, 120 and 240 Watts RMS into 8 Ω, 70 and 100 Volt.
Features include separate treble and bass controls, microphone, line and auxiliary inputs with built-in muting circuitry. Inputs and outputs are via dependable screw terminals, RCA jacks or XLR.
All models rest on four durable cushioned pads for table-top usage and are finished in black with easy-to-read. White-on-black knobs. Output protection consists of current limiting, transient suppression diodes and circuit breakers. Models come with detachable 1.5 m power cord.
Models were designed with the accurate reproduction of voice announce, paging and background music in mind. They are ideally suited for applications such as restaurants, clubs, leisure industry, factories, retail stores, churches and other public areas.
The program section receives stereo inputs from CD-player or broadcast transmission players and reproduces it in monaural. A special AUX RCA jack is provided to receive post preamplifier sources.
•       Energy supply: 220 V-24 VDC
•       Output power: 120 Watt
•       Bandwidth: 50-20000 Hz
•       Distortion:  < 1%
•       Output: 4-8 Ω  70-100 V and AUX
•       Input: 5 mic/aux - 1 tel - 1 amp-return
•       Priority: selectable
•       Bass/treble: Yes
•       Volume regulation: Each channel + Master