Compact PAVA System - Slave Unit - EN54-16

DIVA8SG2 is a Slave unit for the DIVA8MG2 master unit. It increases the number of paging zones by 8 zones for each Slave unit added in the system. The maximum number of Slave units is 15, which means a complete system (master plus slaves) of up to 128 zones
As a part of the DIVA8 system, The DIVA8SG2 Slave unit complies with current standards. 




The DIVA8SG2 Slave unit also extends the amount of input and output contacts. It includes 9 alarm inputs triggered either by dry contact or voltage (software setting), 8 logic input contacts, 2 external fault input contacts and 8 output contacts.

The DIVA8SG2 Slave unit offers the same power capacity as the master unit being 1000 W of audio power (100 V) on each amplifier channel (voice and music).

For maximum flexibility, the master unit amplifiers can share their power with all the slaves, or additional amplifier channels can be added to the system where more output power is needed. The 100 V amplifier signal is simply linked to slaves to create a 100 V signal bus. See figure 1 and 2 for wiring examples.

All the zones and amplifier channels in the DIVA8 System can be constantly monitored (software setting).

Like DIVA8MG2 Master unit and DIVA8SG2 Slave unit can be directly supplied with 110 V-230 V or powered by 24 VDC as a battery backup. The DIVA8MG2 Master unit and the DIVA8SG2 Slave unit are linked using shielded CAT5 cable.


  • 8 loudspeaker zones extension (A + B).
  • 1000 W max power on each amplifier.
  • 9 evacuation input contacts (with surveillance).
  • 8 logic input contacts.
  • 2 fault input contacts.
  • 8 output contacts.
  • Front panel zone selection buttons.
  • 1U 19”.
COMBINED with DIVA8MG2 Master unit
  • Up to 128 zones switching system.
  • 5 audio inputs (2x Music, 1x Mic/line, 1x PSS or PSM, 1x Fireman microphone).
  • 45 min of message memory.
  • Full amplifiers and zones monitoring.
  • Single and Dual channel switching.

master Slave system with two amplifier channels Master-Slave-system-with-two-amplifier-channels