IP Paging Console

The PPMIT5 IP paging console is a man-machine interface which allows call-paging, messages broadcasting. Its back-lit touch screen is designed for simple and userfriendly operating. The 3 hardware keys can be freely assigned by software. The PPMIT5 Media console is a versatile device that fits well in a commercial shopping center as for an industrial environment where paging over IP-networking brings flexibility and easy access.

All paging parameters needed for site operating can be programmed: zones assigned to the different buttons, name of zones, group of zones, messages triggering or event control. A total of 168 keys over 14 pages allow zone or group of zones selections. The prerecorded messages and the chime are stored into the PPMIT5 IP paging console.
All the settings are done through web pages with your favourite web browser. Thanks to powerful echo cancellation, the PPMIT5 delivers clear sound for full duplex talk.

• 5” TFT full colour paging console
• High quality gooseneck microphone
• Built in loudspeaker
• Ethernet interface including POE (Power Over Ethernet)
• 24 VDC power supply (if no POE available)
• Automatic gain control on microphone input
• Echo cancellation / noise reduction
• G.711, G.722, MP3 audio encoding /decodin
• Half or full duplex talk
• Memory space for prerecorded messages
• 3 key-buttons: User definable using ATEÏS Studio GUI
• 168 Touch fields: 14 pages with 12 keys
• RJ 9 for optional telephone headset
• 2 mini-jack plugs for optional headset
• Microphone: Length: 275 mm, Bandwidth 100 Hz -7 kHz
• Speaker: Power Wrms, Bandwidth
• Weight: 1,1 kg
• Dimensions (mm): Depth 130, Height 78, and Width 250
• Power consumption: 6 W
• Material: metal back, PVC top and sides.

Terracom architecture for Intercom – Background music application

The live announcements are done with dedicated IP console (PPM-IT5), or microphones plugged on TERRA-IEX or TERRA-AMP or TERRA-FDX. The selection of the destination of the announcement is done directly on the PPM-IT5 touch screen or on a PC with a TERRA-SERVER client application.
The background music is stored on the TERRA-SERVER or can also be a hardware source like a CD player plugged on a TERRA-IEX. For the outputs an output only terminal like the TERRA-EX can be used or a TERRA-EXA if you need amplified outputs or you can also use the outputs of the TERRA-IEX & TERRA-FDX if you need outputs at the same place than inputs. The priority management is done by the TERRA-SERVER.
Terracom architecture for Intercom – Background music APPLICATION