ATEÏS Net secured Audio Network

ATEÏS has developed its own audio networking system ’’ATEÏS-Net Secured Audio Network’’. This Ethernet based network is able to simultaneously transport 48 audio channels (32 bits, 48 KHz sampling rate) with a latency <1msec together with the necessary control data. For decentralized or big applications, an optional networking card can be inserted inside the LAPg2s.

Thanks to its loop architecture, the ATEÏS-Net Secured Audio Network audio network is fully redundant. If a problem (Line open or shorted) occurs on a loop segment, it will be automatically isolated without affecting the system functionalities.

Up to 32 LAPg2s can be connected together on the same network. As the Network addresses are auto-negotiated, the network set up is very easy. Once programmed, the system will be able to work independently (off-line) without the PC.

NET-L1 / With two RJ45 connectors for CAT5 cabling, max 100 m/300 ft between two LAPs.

NET-L2 / With one STFiber (port A) + 1x RJ45 connectors (port B).

NET-L3 / With two ST-Fiber connectors, Multimode, max 2000 m /6000 ft between two LAPs.

NET-L4 / With one RJ45 connector (Port A) and one ST-Fiber connector (Port B).

ATEÏS Net secured Audio Network