Vertical Active DSP Array System

MESSENGERG2-M - 12 Loudspeakers - 1698 mm - 94 dB to 25 m.          
MESSENGERG2-L - 18 Loudspeakers - 2370 mm - 94 dB to 30 m.          
MESSENGERG2-XL - 24 Loudspeakers - 3042 mm - 94 dB to 40 m.          
MESSENGERG2-Two-L - 36 Loudspeakers - 4740 mm - 94 dB to 60 m.          
MESSENGERG2-Two-XL - 48 Loudspeakers - 6084 mm - 94 dB to 70 m.      

ATEÏS introduces here next generation range of steerable line-arrays that are fully redesigned to meet the current and future demands for the Voice-Alarm industry, commercial audio and Pro-sound. The MESSENGERG2  is a through ‘next generation’ design where we have focused on an improvement on the lobe-controls and the overall technical specifications, we can now say that the MESSENGERg2 provides broadcast  S/N ratio, music quality frequency respond and a pro-sound power handling with more advanced pre-processing abilities.

New generation ATEÏS Voice-Alarm and audio processors are equipped with remote control facilities by LAN or WAN and have a variety of networking and control cards. To meet our future standards, the MESSENGERG2 has been equipped with equal networking facilities. The input section has been redesigned and upgraded to broadcast standards and has now 2 fully controllable audio inputs and outputs with override functions and hardware bypass function. The output to the slave unit’s caries either the pre-processed mixed signal of the input mix and thus provides easier room control as equalization and feedback filtering or the original ‘floor’- signal.

Additional input-cards can be provided to have a digital link between Messengers or to interface with an ATEÏS network based on the M-Net™ or AteÏs-Net™ and can be controlled using the new ATEÏS Studio™ system designer and controller software. An optional Messenger-rack-controller (MRC), half size 1U/19 inch rack frame,  facilitates 2 fully controllable audio inputs and two slave outputs,  TCP-IP connection, RS485 and the digital networking M-Net™ to digital interface with the Messengers. The external interface is also ready to receive the instructions of the new ATEÏS Studio™ remote Control software.

The MESSENGERG2 is designed to meet with the modern standards for Voice Evacuation and equipped with a dual-mode redundant power supply and redundant link between the Messengerg2 and the optional external MESSENGERg2 controller (MRC).  M-Net™ Messenger nodes can be placed up to 100 m away. For longer distances a fiber-optic convertor is available.

Each MESSENGERG2 array has a very tightly controlled beam, which can be shaped as required for specific applications or environments requiring symmetrical or asymmetrical, single, dual or triple lobe designs.  The availability of high power audio DSP’s such as the analogue devices makes it possible to provide 24 channels of powerful processing that lead to precise beam control and even signal pattern that stays within 3 dB over a distance of 100 m.
The MESSENGERG2 range is completely software controlled, the variable acoustical centre can compensate for architectural requirements and can be easily adapted for specific types of application.  Its flexible mounting height of between 1.2 and 4 m above ground level ensures the array can be securely positioned.

“The MESSENGERG2 arrays are one of the only active array’s that can be used for Voice Evacuation applications where high intelligibility can be of live saving need.”

Security Requirements

• Battery back-up using an EN 54-4 compliant charger
• General Fault contact
• Redundant audio-link with line detection
• Line surveillance, 18 – 20kHz (Adjustable)
• Sleep-mode for power saving on battery mode
• Event-logging with date and time
• Fault and Quiescent indicators on the unit hardware by-pass on system-fault.

  • Equipped to meet the modern Voice Evacuation standards.
  • 24 VDC input for battery backup, 20 kHz Input surveillance. Internal HF carrier loudspeaker surveillance.
  • Fully digital side lobe-free speaker array. Triple-lobe feature for the ultimate accuracy in lobe design.
  • Features the latest technology based on a patented algorithmic technique.
  • Specially designed for high quality speech and background music applications in reverberant acoustic environments where it is difficult to meet contractual speech intelligibility requirements.
  • More flexible than earlier array technology because of the ‘Linear-Spacing’ technique and easy to install without a   direct need for lobe fine tuning.
  • Tightly controlled beam, from 25 up to 3 degrees, which can be shaped in nine steps to meet each specific application or environment.
  • A-symmetrical and Symmetrical arrangement by means of software control.
  • Integrated DSP control with 7 band parametric EQ, noise gate, delay rooms, peak limiter, VOX-control and contact control on the audio inputs and level raising microphone for ambient noise sensing.
  • Adaptable ACOUSTIC centre. Acoustic centre can be freely moved over the array to match lobe shape with the listening area.
  • Lobe switching: provides quick coverage change by applying a contact. This offers the possibility to integrate or exclude a certain section of the audience area by simply adding a second lobe.
  • Consistently high sound quality across the coverage area.
  • Comes standard with ambient noise sensor, temperature sensor with active frost protection on the drivers.
  • RS485 data bus for full detailed status report and PC based remote setup (up to 32 Messengers on the bus).
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote access via WAN.
  • EASE DLL & CATT DLL, for advanced room acoustic simulations.
  • 24 Class-D amplifier channels with 70 Watt each on AteÏs-Net communication bus.
  • SPL coverage stays within 1dB variation.
  • Variable acoustic centre.
  • RS485 remote control bus.
  • Lobe steering.
  • Triple lobe control.
  • TCP/IP networking.
Technical specifications /
  • Frequency range: 100 – 18000 Hz
  • Max. SPL: 93 dB +/- 1dB
  • Dual audio input: Music  0dB - Alarm 0 dB with contact
  • DSP module: ADSP21369-400  2.4 Gflops 400 tabs/filter/ch  24-channels
  • Speaker element: 4,25”-dual-cone with inverted surround - weatherproof - Aluminum
Pre-processing /
  • Pre-delay: 1000 mS
  • Equalizing: 7-band parametric
  • Peak limiter: Level adjustable
  • Mute: Audio on/off
  • Signal indicators: Clipping/Audio/Limiter/Noise-gate
  • Surveillance:
- amps, input signal, router,
- processor watchdog, active
- feedback on drivers (optional), 
- emergency backup,
  • Input line detection: 20 kHz 18 kHz and 20 kHz standard on-board surveillance.
  • Noise-sensing: on-board
Mounting position /
  • Flexible height: 1.5 - 4 m
Power requirements /
  • Mains: 230 VAC
  • Emergency supply: 18 – 27 VDC
  • Power supply : EN 54-4 compliant.


2 x Audio input
2 x Audio output
Fault and input contacts
Networking, TCP/IP
Data link, RS485

  • On-board audio processing (All-in-one-version)
  • Full flexibility due to on-board DSP
  • Remote access by TCP/IP interface
  • RS485 link
  • RS485 link, extracted from the TCP/IP connection, for WiFi-remote control
  • Dual mode power supply + battery backup (24 VDC)
  • Level-razing amplification with NSM
  • Pre-processing (As standard with G1)
  • URC-Controller for level and Pre-set control (Lobe-switching, ex, etc).


Digital Link
2 x Audio input
2 x Audio output
Fault and input contacts
Networking, TCP/IP
Data link, RS485
M-NetTM interface
ATEÏS-Net convertor


  • M-Net™ audio and data transmission
  • + optional Fiber-optic convertors.
  • Centralized audio-pre-processing.
  • Full flexibility due to on-board DSP,(All-in-one-version).
  • Remote access by TCP/IP interface/ WiFi.
  • Dual mode power supply + battery backup (24 VDC).
  • Level-razing amplification with NSM on MRC or individual units.
  • Pre-processing (As standard with G1).
  • URC-Controller for level and Pre-set control (Lobe-switching-ex, etc).
  • Complex zone-paging.
  • Interfacing with LAPG2 with optional Ateïs-Net card.