Networkable PAVA system - EN54 -16
The IDA8C is a third generation modular system that complies with current architectural demands requiring IP-and/or Fiber-optics Networking to cover for any complex design possible. IDA8 responds to Public Address and Voice Alarm requirements as stated in EN54-16, ISO 7240-16 and BS5839/8, with specific attributes for compliance in large installations.  
The IDA8C Controller unit houses: Audio digital signal processing (DSP), matrix control functions, digital message player. Front panel access with; fully monitored fireman microphone, emergency message trigger button(s).
Amplifier monitoring with hot-swap amplifiers, loudspeaker line impedance line monitoring. It can support up to four PSS-AS security microphone consoles with color touch pad and up to eight secured amplifiers plus two backup amplifiers, paging into 8 different zones per unit with A/B-line detection according to the BS5939-part 8. Two free card-slots are available for two optional 4 ch 0 dB audio in-or output cards or two 4 ch AES/EBU cards.
IDA8S Slave units can extent the system configuration with an additional 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The slave units are available with A/B speaker line configurations (IDA8SAB), or for simple single speaker lines per zone (IDA8S). Each input and output channel is fitted with a wide range of pre-and post-processing devices such as; volume controllers, routing mixers and switches, priority and paging components, equalizers, compressors, limiters, delay-lines, etc.
Up to 1 hour of digital messages can be stored providing live-recording or pre-recorded playback. External files can be uploaded (WAV) from a computer into IDA8C. Up to 4 messages in a single IDA8C Controller unit or a total of 48 messages in an IDA8 system, can be played simultaneously into different zones.
IDA8C Controller unit enables operators to see a detailed overview of the operational status of the entire PA system with a single push button. IDA8C Controller unit is able to run an impedance scan of all components connected to it, covering not only the input paging consoles but including connectors, cabling, processing blocks such as compressors and limiters, delay lines and the network and loudspeakers. It stores a reference measurement of the system as it exists in a given configuration and environment. This reference is subsequently stored in the system. Any alterations to this reference will be reported and are logged in an event log file. User definable thresholds can be applied to these references, allowing for customization to match circumstances.
Being EN54-16/ISO 7240-16 and BS5839 part 8 security systems, all components and peripherals are monitored. All incidents are recorded into a data file which can be consulted on the controller module monitor display or on a PC using the ATEÏS Studio remote control software. Also, any detected fault is signaled by a general fault output contact available on the IDA8C Controller unit. A built-in loudspeaker output enables selective listening to all the sources and system’s 100 V output signals.
IDA8C Controller unit is easily configured with our PC based ATEÏS-Studio global software (Windows compatible). Software access can be password protected. Once programmed, the system will be able to work independently (off-line) without the need of a PC to be connected. 
ec certificate of conformity - ida8 system - ateis europe bv certificat de conformity - ida8 system - ateis europe bv certificat de conformity - ida8 system - ateis europe bv
  • 8 analogue audio inputs and 8 analogue audio outputs.
  • The outputs have selectable 18 or 20 kHz monitoring signal for end-off-line monitoring or, using defined monitoring windows, individual monitoring with an accuracy of up to 5% of the total line load.
  • 8 alarm control inputs and 8 output relays are freely programmable for system actions and priorities can be assigned to these inputs.
  • 2 card slots for optional 8 microphone/ line or AES/ EBU audio input/output channels. These inputs/outputs are free software configurable.
  • Compatibility with the TERRACOM IP-media streamers allowing for additional IP-Audio IN/EXstreamer units, IP-media consoles and IP-Paging consoles.
  • The ATEÏS Net Secured Audio Network that is providing a Single or Multi-mode, 48 audio channels, 32bit, 48 kHz, redundant network.
  • Up to 256 priorities that can be configured for up to 256 zones (512 AB) in the LOCAL Network.
  • A system configuration that can connect up to 32 IDA8C with IDA8S(AB)’s over the LOCAL Network allowing a system configuration of up to 32 x 8 zones.
  • Independent operation without a PC connected to it. The PC can be disconnected after configuring the system.
  • Front panel color touch-screen display and corresponding push buttons, that allows for simple navigation through the various system menu’s. 
  • Automatic messaging in the IDA8C Controller unit and IDA8S(AB) Slave units with a capacity of up to 1 hour of WAV format audio files. The audio messages can be uploaded via Ethernet link.
  • 4 audio streams that can be activated at the same time and up to 48 in the IDA8 System.
  • Message player and messages monitoring.
  • Full monitoring starting at the capsule of a microphone console to the end of a loudspeaker line. The external cables connected to the control inputs are monitored for short and open circuit and earth leakage.
  • Standard test, alarm and chime-tones are stored in the IDA8C Controller unit and IDA8S (AB) Slave units.
  • An internal real time clock for automatic scheduled activities like; playback of messages, automatic volume changes during day and night or background music settings.
  • Extensive audio pre and post processing possibilities for audio inputs and audio outputs.
  • A monitoring loudspeaker and fireman’s microphone on the IDA8C Controller unit.
  • Cost effective solutions using switching mode for multi-zoned amplifier usage.
  • Full system redundancy using the IDA8RU redundant switching devices. 
  • Interfaces: Standard Local Networking, 2 x RJ45. 100 m.
  • Ethernet interface, TCP/IP, MODBUS, Vox-Net and 3rd part devices.
  • 4 x Security microphone connection, RJ45, PC1 to PC4 supports: MODBUS, Vox-Net and 3rd part devices.
  • 8 balanced audio outputs + 2 audio outputs for back-up amplifiers.
  • Return 100 Volt lines input from amplifiers.
  • Outgoing 16 (8+8) 100 Volt lines to the loudspeakers. (AB-zoning).
  • Optional 2 slots for 8 mic/line or AES/EBU audio inputs/outputs.
  • 9 logic inputs and 8 logic outputs.
  • Security contacts for: evacuation and fault reporting and fault-back inputs (BSI).
  • 1 hour of messages storage playing up to 48 messages simultaneously in a IDA8 System. 

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