Lobe Assembly program
Vertical Active DSP Array System M-Control Lobe Assembler software
MESSENGERG2’s Lobe Assembly program

The MESSENGERG2 series has a unique feature, which has great installation and application benefits.
The acoustical centre can be moved over the array to match and compensate in relation to the required installation, mounting height and environmental need.
Each driver is separately powered and processed, therefore all lobe shape variations between a Symmetrical and an Asymmetrical arrangement can be made with the simple push of a button.
This beneficial feature separates the MESSENGERG2 from other line-array speakers, making it one of the most flexible options available with its unique software controlled directivity pattern with the MESSENGERG2’s Lobe Assembly program.

Windows based PC Setup - M Control
Lobe Assembler

Variable Acoustic Center. In nine-steps from Asymmetrical to Symetrical
Symetrical Lobe
Asymetrical Lobe
  • Symmetrical lobe is centered in the middle. The Asymmetrical lobe is centered at the bottom or the top of the array.
  • Any other position of the acoustical centre between the middle and the bottom of the array Is fading the lobe-shape from a purely Symmetrical shape to an Asymmetrical shape.
  • Symmetrical lobes are often used for field cover again combination with an Asymmetrical lobe for the near field area. The combination allows for individual level control for near and for field. Symmetrical lobes are also ideal to address high raised balcony seating areas.
  •  Asymmetrical lobes are used for mounting heights between 2.5 and 4 m from the floor and results in a lobe that starts at 5 m distance from the array at ear level and ends in a sharp lobe at 60 m and further.
  • The Asymmetrical lobe has the ability to keep the sound deviation within 3 dB from 5 to 100 m. Its mounting height is NOT critical and therefore it is the most used system solution. The vertical opening angle can be adjusted in steps from 3 to 25 degrees.

Variable vertical dispersion from 20 down to 5 degrees

Symetrical lobe with 20 degrees opening angle

Aymetrical lobe with 5 degrees opening angle

Multiple lobes up to 3 simultaneous lobes

Symetrical Lobe serving groundfloor audience area

Symetrical lobe steered upwards

Beam Stearing

Dual Lobe, serving groundfloor and balcony

Triple lobe serving groundfloor and 2 balconies


Side Lobe suppression

Convenional arrays

MessengerG2 lobe side-lobe suppression