Paging Microphone - EN 60849 - BS 5839


The PSS849 and PSS96DT paging microphone consoles are a man-machine interface which groups together all functions required by the EN 60849 and BS 5839 part 8 regulations. Its back-lit touchpad is made for simple and user-friendly operating.

It can be configured either using a PC computer, or by using control keys of the front LCD screen of the IDA4 System unit to which it is connected. Access can be password-protected. All parameters needed for site operating can be programmed like; zones assigned to the different buttons, name of zones, zone groups, priorities, access to different messages, levels adjustments, pre-call chime, press-to-talk, music ON/OFF and music routing. Its large Monochrome-LCD screen provides an overall view of busy zones and active sources.

A ‘on-screen’ VU meter controls the microphone presence and modulation level. A built-in loudspeaker makes it possible to listen to all system-generated messages and announcements.

The PSS849 and PASS96DT are fully monitored (microphone capsule, power-supply, touch-screen, audio and RS485 connections). Any system faults are detected, located and indicated clearly on the screen.

• High-quality electret omni directional microphone..
• Back-lit touch pad (no push buttons).
• Programmed by PC using IDA4 System software.
• 1 PSSDT per IDA module.
• Up to 32 PSSDT per IDA4(X)M(s) system.
• Group calls and All calls functions.
• Pre-call chime (pre-recorded as one of the IDA4M or IDA4XM messages).
• Press-to-talk or ON/OFF buttons.
• Music ON/OFF IDA4(X)M(s) System.
• Music routing (IDA4(X)M(s) System
• Display of all system incidents.
• Buzzer which signals faults.
• Remote control for digital messages with zone
• LED system status display (evac, fault and power).

Different product references are available to suit all site sizes:

• PSS849: 12 zones for IDA4 and IDA4XM.


With IDA4 System:
1 pcs per IDA4xx, Max. 1 in a system.

• PSS24DT: 24 zones for IDA4M/XM

• PSS96DT: 24 zones for IDA4M/XM 1 pcs per IDA4xx Master or Slave unit, using one audio input.