> ExCel Exhibition and conference center in London - UK

The ExCel exhibition and conference centre in London has turned to ATEIS UK as part of its expansion and refurbishment. ATEIS will supply audio processing and control technology for PA and VA systems used around the rooms and halls.

PA and VA systems are necessary in both areas, so ATEIS UK was involved by Notifier by Honeywell and its customer installation company Unysystems to supply equipment and advice.

The new installation in the existing halls is based around ATEIS' core VA system, the IDA, and the LAP (linked audio processor). The LAPs are linked over a fibre network using DSP technology and can be built up from modular units into full systems, handling inputs from microphones in the halls and outputs for each zone.

Each LAP has four secure channels set aside for transmitting emergency message and live announcements from the Fireman's Microphone, which create the VA network. The LAPs are connected to the IDAs over a RS232 link. These units deal with the control and fault data necessary to ensure the network is monitoring all activity and functions.

At ExCel the LAPs are also provide some audio processing, including equalisation, compression and limiting, and can be used as a 32-channel matrix mixer. Ambient noise sensing is built in and will be implemented at the ExCel when Phase 2 is completed.

Equipment was fitted into 14 racks in eight machine rooms. It was installed alongside side/near the old system components, which were switched off during a "dark" period for the venue so the IDAs and LAP could be connected to take over, driving existing loudspeakers.

The system produces 40 kW of audio power and is controlled from a single graphical user interface (GUI), running the racks and 18 microphone stations, which can be routed to more than 100 zones.